...is an online shop which sells products made of wood. Products made of massive wood such as ash, oak, linden, and birch. Products made of fiberboard, plywood, veneer, and cellulose-based composite. All kinds and forms of wood!
The shop offers accessories, candlesticks, baskets, bags, lamps, and clocks for your home, your kitchen and your look! Who would not want a unique laser-cut necklace made of wood? Or cool sunglasses with wooden earpieces made of pressed birch?
Wood is a fantastic raw material resource which we should naturally process and utilize. This is what I would like to do. Wood is also the most natural and classical material that you can imagine. So no doubt we should continue creating products made of wood. This is what I want to do! Moreover, wood is amazingly beautiful. It is also renewable and CO2 neutral, since wood captures carbon dioxide when it grows. And it smells really good!
At www.justwood.se , you are not only offered the opportunity to buy unique products made of wood, but also a chance to learn more about wood. There are descriptions of the types of wood that have been used for the products, and I provide information about current research and various exciting ongoing projects in the wood industry.
More and more people think that wood is a material worthy of attention. Maybe you think so too?